Additional Resources

On this page you will find additional resources for use with our products. 

Additional resources will be posted as they are developed.

With Fire and Sword Scenario Book Labels:

Downloadable files with labels to use with in the With Fire and Sword scenario books.

Scenario Book 1:    Scenario 1: Word    Scenario 1: PDF
Scenario Book 2:   Scenario 2: Word    Scenario 2: PDF

Scenario Book 3:   Scenario 3: Word   Scenario 3: PDF



Scenario Book  3: page 10: Delete the listed Left Wing and add the following:-

Left Wing: under Khovansky’s command


5 Trained (D), Dutch Cavalry, Du (Reiter)

2 Trained (C), Regiment, MH, RG (Foreign Inf)

1 Trained, Field Gun, FG  

Errata and FAQ:

My thanks to Philippe Evrard for his work on these documents.  Please note that these are clarifications  of the  existing rules, corrections of typing errors and how to deal with unusual situation which might occur. They are not required to play the game and can just be consulted if an issue arises.

Errata: Soldier Kings Errata (Dec 22)
FAQ: Soldier Kings FAQ (Dec 22)
Latest QRS: Soldier Kings QRS (Feb 24) 

Random Army Generators:

In this section are files to help you generate random armies for 'pick up' games.

Seven Years War:

Mid War: 

Battle Labels:

In this section are labels to download and use when re-fighting battles. Print the labels for use in the game.

Battles in the Twilight of the Soldier Kings rules:

Mollwitz, 1741: Mollwitz Labels (Word)           Mollwitz  Labels (PDF)

Kolin, 1757: Kolin Labels (Word)                        Kolin Labels (PDF)

Krefeld, 1758: Krefeld Labels (Word)                Krefeld Labels (PDF)

High Contrast versions of the Mollwitz, Kolin and Krefeld Labels in Word and PDF: High Contrast (Zip)

A searchable map of all the scenarios available in the Twilight series of rules.

After Action Reports:

Camposanto 1743 by A. Crespo: Camposanto 

Soldier Kings Templates/Measurement Sticks:

Philippe Evrard has created some fantastic templates and measurement sticks for the Twilight of the Soldier Kings rules.

The English version is here. The French version is here.