On this page are downloadable versions of the maps in the rules and scenario books. There are two versions of each map in colour and that will print on A4 paper.

The 'Plain Map' is the map without any deployment on it. This offers the possibility that the maps can be printed and used as the gaming surface or other alternatives.

The 'Deployment Map' is the map with deployment on it.

All maps were designed by and are copyright N.A. Dorrell, 2020

Maps in the rules:

Mollwitz, 10th April 1741: Plain Map: Mollwitz Deployment Map: Mollwitz Deploy

Kolin, 18th June 1757: Plain Map: Kolin Deployment Map: Kolin Deploy

Krefeld, 23rd June 1758: Plain Map: Krefeld Deployment Map: Krefeld Deploy

Maps in Scenario Book 1:

War of Austrian Succession:

Chotusitz, 17th May 1742: Plain Map: Chotusitz Deployment Map: Chotusitz Deploy

Dettingen, 27th June 1743: Plain Map: Dettingen Deployment Map: Dettingen Deploy

Madonna dell'Olmo, 30th September 1744: Plain Map: Madonna Deployment Map: Madonna Deploy

Kesselsdorf , 15th December 1745: Plain Map: Kesselsdorf Deployment Map: Kesselsdorf Deploy

Lauffeld , 2nd July 1747: Plain Map: Lauffeld Deployment Map: Lauffeld Deploy

The Seven Years War:

Rossbach, 5th November 1757: All maps Plain Map: Rossbach All Maps

Historic Battle: Plain Map: Rossbach Hist Deployment Map: Rossbach Hist Deploy

Manoeuvre Battle: Plain Map: Rossbach Manoeuvre Deployment Map: Rossbach Manoeuvre Deploy

Set Piece Battle: Plain Map: Rossbach Set Piece Deployment Map: Rossbach Set Piece Deploy

Complete and Manoeuvre Battle: Plain Map: Rossbach Complete Deployment Map: Rossbach Complete Deploy

Leuthen, 5th December 1757: Plain Map: Leuthen Deployment Map: Leuthen Deploy

Zorndorf, 25th August 1758: Plain Map: Zorndorf Deployment Map: Zorndorf Deploy

Minden, 1st August 1759: Plain Map: Minden Deployment Map: Minden Deploy

Korbitz, 21st September 1759: Plain Map: Korbitz Deployment Map: Korbitz Deploy

Warburg, 31st July 1760: Plain Map: Warburg Deployment Map: Warburg Deploy

Torgau, 3rd November 1760: Plain Map: Torgau Deployment Map: Torgau Deploy

All maps were designed by and are copyright N.A. Dorrell, 2020