Twilight of Divine Right

New (April 2023):  With Fire and Sword PDF available
December 2022: The rules supplement 'With Fire And Sword' for warfare in Eastern Europe 1605- 1676 is published. 
In addition three scenario books covering this period are also published.
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Twilight of Divine Right Rules

The Twilight of Divine Right rules is a set designed to fight large historical battles on a reasonable sized table and with a reasonable number of figures). The player is the army commander seeking to marshal the full forces that their historical counterpart had to achieve victory and not some colonel or brigadier controlling a few battalions or squadrons in the fight for some sector of a battlefield. The concentration is on the 'big picture' rather on relatively unimportant details. The rules reward historic tactics and practices while making typical 'gamer' tactics obsolete. So, players will want their forces to be in at least two lines with a reserve and not strung out in a line as is commonly done in other rules.

The system is intuitive and easy to pick up. The units are 1,000 or more foot or 500 or more mounted and so the units are often the equivalent to a 'brigade'. The scale is flexible with all distances, ranges, movements based on half of the frontage of the units you use. For example, if your units have a frontage of perhaps 120mm (6 inches) the standard measurement unit in the game will be 60mm. There is no figure removal so you can base you units as you wish, with any number or size of figures on a base, etc. As long as the units are the same frontage it does not matter and indeed neither does it if the armies involved are based differently.

While any unit size can be used if the frontage of a unit is in the region of 120mm then most battles can be fought on a table 1.8m by 1.2m (6 feet by 4 feet) or similar. Most standard battles should be playable in a typical afternoon or evening playing session. 

The basic rules cover warfare in Western and Central Europe and include scenarios for the battles of Fleurus (1642) and Cheriton (1644). 

In addition to the scenarios in the rules there are scenario book with other scenarios and also a supplement to refight battles in Eastern Europe, see below.

These rules and scenarios are published by the Pike and Shot Society.

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Divine Right Scenario Books

TYW1: Europe's Tragedy

This scenario booklet feature battles from the Thirty Years War (1618-48). It features the following 12 scenarios.

Thirty Years Wars Scenarios

TYW2: To the Peace of the Pyrenees

This scenario booklet feature battles from the Thirty Years War (1618-48) and up to the Peace of the Pyrenees (1663). It features the following 15 scenarios from diverse campaigns and featuring many different armies.

Scenarios featured.

ECW: By the Sword Divided

A scenario booklet that contains 10 scenarios from the English Civil Wars. It features the following scenarios.

By the Sword Divided Scenarios

With Fire And Sword: 

Eastern European Warfare 1605- 1676.

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With Fire And Sword: Rules Supplement

'With Fire and Sword' is a supplement to the Twilight of Divine Right rules. You will need to use in in conjunction with these rules to fully understand it. It includes the rules, amendments and additions to fight the battle and wars in Eastern Europe in this era.

The players can field Polish-Lithuanian, Russian, Swedish, Cossack, Crimean Khanate (Tatar), Ottoman and other smaller armies in the wars of this era. A series of wars in this era transformed the world and helped shape the modern world.

These rules are accompanied by three scenario books featuring battles across the period, see below. They are free if purchased along with one or more of the scenario books.

With Fire and Sword Scenario Books

With Fire and Sword: Scenario Book 1: 

The Rise of Sweden, 1605 – 1629.

This book covers the rise of Sweden before their intervention in the Thirty Years War in 1630. It covers the wars of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth with Sweden in 1600–1611 and with the Russians in 1609-1618. Also the later war with Sweden in1626 – 1629 when Gustaf II Adolf transformed the Swedish army. In addition there are some scenarios from the Commonwealth’s wars against the Ottomans in 1620 – 1621.

The booklet features 11 scenarios from 7 historical battles

Battles featured:

With Fire and Sword: Scenario Book 2: The Deluge, 1632 – 1660.

This second book covers the battles during the period sometimes called the ‘Deluge’. The 'Deluge' period saw the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth attacked by many armies. The booklet concentrates on the war of 1648 -1657 against the Cossack rebellion under Khmelnytsky. Also the campaigns of 1655 – 1660 is against the Swedes. In addition the Russians war against the Commonwealth in the Smolensk War of 1632 – 1634 is also covered. The first war that Russia started to modernise it's army. It is common for allies to be present on one or both sides in these battles.

The booklet features 8 scenarios from 6 historical battles and campaigns.

Battles featured:

With Fire and Sword: Scenario Book 3: 

The Wars for the Ukraine, 1654 – 1676

The third scenario book concentrates on the shifting war for the control of the Ukraine in the later part of this era but which continue to this day started to exercise some control over the Ukraine. The Thirteen Years War of 1654 – 1667 featuring various combinations of Polish-Lithuanian, Russian, Cossack and Crimean Khanate (Tatar) forces. In addition some of the scenarios are from the Commonwealth's war against the Ottomans and Crimean Khanate as they renewed there attempts to dominate the Ukraine in 1672 -1676.

The booklet features 11 scenarios from 9 historical battles and campaigns.

Battles featured:

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