Küchentisch: A Twilight of Divine Right Playthrough

The following are a series of video on a fictional battle using the Twilight of Divine Right rules. The fictional battle of Küchentisch is set in Germany in 1630 something. It was fought using two mixed armies designed to show most of the features of units in these rules. As such it has many more troop types and variations than is common in games using these rules. The two sides are equal in numbers of real men but due to the differing numbers of real men represented by different unit types the two sides do not have equal numbers of units. One side consisted of a mixture of Swedish army unit and their German allies. The other side consisted of a mixture of Imperial and Catholic League troops.

The battle is fought using the 'Twilight of Divine Right' rules but many of the procedures and principles are the same in the other rules in the series, although of course the details differ. The game is fought using 2mm Irregular figures although some other figures are also featured in the video, on a table about 3 feet (90cm) wide.

A playthrough of a battle using the Twilight of Divine Right wargames rules published by the Pike and Shot Society. The video should give some idea of what the rules are like, how games are played and how the rules work.

Some notes on basing figures for these rules and the others in the series.

A look at the two armies to be used in the games, how they are rated and the meanings of these ratings.

The initial set up of the game.

The Protestant army's first turn.

The Catholic army's first turn.

The Protestant army's second turn.

The Catholic army's second turn.

The Protestant army's third turn.

The Catholic army's third turn.

The Protestant army's fourth turn.

The Catholic army's fourth turn.

The Protestant army's fifth turn.

The Catholic army's fifth turn.

The Protestant army's sixth turn.

The Catholic army's sixth turn.

The Protestant army's seventh turn and things are looking ominous.

The last turn of the game the Catholic army seals their victory. The battle ends and a round-up of the battle.

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