The Battle of Keukentafel

This is a series of videos on the fictional battle of Keukentafel in 1690 something in Flanders. It was fought solo using a French and an 'Allied' army. The two sides are roughly equal in numbers, about 17,000 real men, with the Allies defending.

The battle is fought using the 'Twilight of the Sun King' rules but many of the procedures and principles are the same in the other rules in the series, although of course the details differ. The game is fought using 10mm Pendraken figures on a table about 3 feet (90cm) wide.

This is the introduction to a playthrough of the 'Twilight of the Sun King' rules (2nd edition). The basic play is similar in other rules in the series although the details are not.

The battle is the fictional battle of Keukentafel, I apologise in advance to my Dutch friends. It is a fictional battle set in the 1690's in Flanders. The two armies are roughly equal in strength and represent a small army or the wing of a larger army.

A look at the two armies and how they are rated.

French Turn 1:

The game starts. The first French phases. The game was played solo and I acted on each sides behalf.

Allied Turn 1:

The Allies first turn. The cavalry move to extend their line .

French Turn 2:

The French 2nd turn. The French advance continues.

Allied Turn 2 and French Turn 3:

The Allies await events in their 2nd move and pass. Also the French press forward in their 3rd move but have difficulties crossing the streams.

Allied Turn 3:

It is the Allies 3rd move and they decide to try to exploit the disorder in the French cavalry. They attack the exposed French.

French Turn 4:

Despite early setbacks the French press their attack and enjoy success.

Allied Turn 4:

The Allies reorganise in the face of the French attack.

French Turn 5:

French 5th turn and the infantry engage. Meanwhile the cavalry press their attack and gain more success.

Allied Turn 5:

The Allies are in trouble and use the 5th turn to try to strengthen their line. The Allied infantry move to help their beleaguered cavalry as they attempt to stabilise their line.

French Turn 6:

The French have victory within their grasp. They decide to standoff with their infantry and go for victory with their cavalry.

Allied Turn 6:

Things are looking grim for the Allies. Their cavalry reorganises in an attempt to buy some time. Meanwhile the infantry get some success.

French Turn 7 and the game ends:

French 7th turn and as it turned out the last turn. The French push their advantage and do enough damage to force the Allies to roll for army morale. The Allies fail and are defeated.

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